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I. Overview

The single-axis mixer for magnesite has the characteristics of uniform mixing, high efficiency and durability. The main technical points of this model are: to solve the contradiction between the material feeding area and the sealing of the lower feeding port, so that the blanking area can be well sealed after the blanking area is increased; the structure of the mixing blade of the mixer is improved, the shearing force is improved, and the stirring is improved. Uniform; increase the concentricity of the agitator shaft and greatly reduce the mechanical resistance.


Second, the scope of application

Magnesite door core board, glass magnesium board, magnesite tile, magnesite duct, magnesite process, magnesite foaming products, etc.


Third, technical characteristics

1. The speed is adjustable, the mixing is uniform, the reaction of magnesium oxide is more thorough, the strength is increased by about 10%, and the crystal structure is more stable, which can effectively inhibit the disadvantages of magnesite. The outstanding advantages of magnesite mixer are high shear force and high uniformity of mixing. By further improving the angle difference and area ratio of the stirring blade, the shearing force is increased by 3 times compared with the original magnesite mixer, which greatly increases the chance of contact between brine and magnesium oxide. To make the reaction more complete.


2, the operation of cutting is simple and labor-saving. The unique long-shaped cutting handle greatly facilitates the operation. The barrel wall has no residual material and is easy to clean. With the macro design, the distance between the stirring blade and the barrel wall is small, so that the slurry can no longer adhere to the wall. By changing the number of stirring blades and the area and angle of the stirring sheet, the problem of uneven mixing of the end wall adhesive and the end portion is completely solved, and the cleaning is easy.


3, durable. The larger the amount of steel, the thicker it is, making it less prone to wear. Greatly extend the life of the device while reducing noise generation. Stirring without dead ends, the mixing barrel is optimized. It can be stirred in all corners without leaving dry pellets.


4. Convenient for magnesite foaming. Due to the extremely light weight of the foam, the foam easily floats on the top of the slurry and cannot penetrate into the slurry. The traditional mixer can not effectively mix, mainly because the speed is low, the foam can't enter, the speed is high, and the foam is easily separated. The double-axis and multi-group blades are repeatedly twisted, sheared, turned and rolled at high speed, and the foam is also used. Do not isolate.


5, the speed is adjustable, which reduces the mechanical resistance. By improving the original mixing shaft fixing method, the concentricity of the stirring shaft is increased, and the mechanical resistance is greatly reduced.

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