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Human Resources

Today's international society is a competitive society, and enterprises are still like this. Whether a company can win in competition depends first and foremost on the overall strength of the company. Talent is the most valuable asset in the enterprise. The competition of the comprehensive strength of the enterprise is, in the final analysis, the competition of talents. Whoever has a first-class approach, who will be invincible in the competition. To have talents, we must first form a good atmosphere in the company that values ​​talent.

Based on the people-oriented strategic guiding ideology, Shandong Innovative Building Materials Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. has designed a human resource management concept with innovative corporate culture characteristics, aiming at building a broad stage for talents, talents, talents and talents. Enterprises and talents grow together to cultivate a spiritual home.

1. Promote a people-oriented corporate culture
2. Widely absorb all kinds of talents
3. Open up three talent channels
4. Form three human resource levels
5. Adhere to the principle of four major employers
6. Create a level playing field
7. Design a challenging career for employees
8. Maintain a certain employee mobility
9. Achieve spiritual motivation for employees through diversity and rich work
10. Establish a fair and reasonable employee promotion mechanism